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How to...

In the midst of a conversation with a group of my co-workers, someone made the comment, " I didn't see that... I am going to look it up on the Internet.." I then jokingly said, " What did we do before we had the Internet to google everything?".
Pretty much these days you can learn anything about almost anything as long as you have someone that has deemed themselves as knowledgeable about the subject. I must say that YouTube has been my main source of information in regards to learning about natural hair. :)  I don't feel that there is anything wrong with wanting to share ideas, thoughts and education with others. However, I found myself just today , in fact I told myself that I wasn't going to blog just to research this, googling " How make a living as a writer.. " and different variations of that subject. I found myself getting caught up in all the links and how many links led to advertisements of some sort. I even found myself becoming a little frustrated with all the "crap" that people put out there. But, then again look at the source, anyone can make a website and can post anything that they want on it, its up to you as an individual to make the decision on whether the source is credible. I stopped googling the subject at height of my frustration and thought about what I was actually doing.  Why am I relying on someone to tell me the quickest , easiest and the most efficient way to get from point A to point B? Heaven forbid if I actually fail or fall while trying to make it. :) I know that advice is sometimes priceless and hearing stories from others that have been or where you are is also very helpful as well. Like I said YouTube has been instrumental with my ups and downs of growing my natural hair. Its very beneficial to see haul videos and product review videos to get a feel for what the product is like based on other's opinions. But, in the end it is always my decision on what I chose to be best for me. I came to the realization that  I've become lazy and too reliant on other's experiences rather than taking the risk and  experiencing things on my own. I've never been the type to be afraid of hard work and trial and error. At 16 I never googled " How to become a Chuck E Cheese Master Trainer by 17".. when I wanted sought after a promotion. Hmmm..
 Obviously the Internet can be very valuable in some situations and sometimes you need that direct path from point A to point B, my point is that it becomes a problem is when we use the "how to" on the Internet as a crutch. Sometimes it just takes a lot of faith from God and confidence in yourself.

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