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Never thought I would..

I actually watched Julie&Julia tonight. I must say that it was very inspirational for me. The message in the movie provided empathy and confirmation of things that I am feeling at this moment. When I ran across the title on my Netflix instant queue, my first mind was to watch it, however, I figured that it wouldn't be my "type" of movie. I am not normally a "chick" flick type of girl, in fact I used to pride myself on not being the "girly - girl " type and that I was the cool chick according to all of my guy friends. It felt as though someone smacked me over the head with a shovel because it was EXACTLY what I needed to see / hear.  I mean within the first 15 minutes of the movie, I identified immediately. In fear of being to cliche or too vague, I'll explain briefly. Julie was a almost 30 year old in the beginnig movie and  was wading her way through life with a job that didn't fulfill her "purpose". Her super supportive and loving husband gave her the idea to blog about her completing all the recipes in a cookbook. Cooking for her was her escape from all the things that was going wrong in life.  But I am not here to write a review about the movie, which was great by the way. However, the Julie was the type of person that started a book or novel and didn't finish because she was rejected by a publisher or something of that nature.But, one of her statements really struck a nerve with me . I ,just like Julie am at a point to where I want to stop procrastinating  and never finishing things that I start. Like her, I feel like I have ADD at times.  I just  had a conversation TODAY  with a good friend and mentioned the same thing. I am at tough spot in my life to where deep down I have a burning desire reach my MAXIMUM potential with life. Life is too precious to just make it just to work and pay bills. God didn't put each and everyone of us here for that. I started a book about 8 years ago ( I just shocked myself when I actually thought about how old I was when it started) and I have nothing but lame excuses as to why I haven't finished the book. Maybe its just sheer comfort and fear ( Another blog for another day). Years ago I had a dream and the letters L O G B  appeared to me as clear as day. I spent several hours googling "LOGB" .. thinking that it stood for something. Not until recently did I figure out that LOGB could actually mean BLOG and that it was a message from Him for me to start one. I know that with out a shadow of a doubt that my main purpose for being here is to write. I mean I just told  my dear friend today that I was afraid that I would fail at becoming a "Recognized Writer",and that it would  be so much easier to get a for sure job like teaching or being a corporate trainer. (Both careers that I think that I would enjoy). However,  I know  that I have to step out and just try it. I've already started, I am afraid that I'll never have readers  or subscribers to my blog, but I continue to blog anyway.  I have a feeling that I am going to find a way to shake things up a bit with my life. A change is definetly coming my way. Part II coming tomorrow.. Much love Krys

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