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Back to the Basics

Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone that took the time to read my last post. I am still new to this blog thing, so any encouragement and feedback from any reader is appreciated! :)

Today was one of those tough days. Work has been and is becoming more and more stressful lately. I am thankful that I have steady employment and that I work for a good company. The stress of my workload is what really gets to me at times. Especially now that I've watched a documentary on stress on the Discovery Channel. It really opened my eyes as to how it can affect your life. Did you know that your body will shut down your non-essential systems when you live a high stressed lifestyle ? Bottom line: Stress is not healthy, and should be managed at all costs. I highly encourage everyone to watch it. If you have Netflix, it is available to watch on demand. 
Because I've had a stressful day, I fought the urge to want and to grab some chocolate or ice cream( my favorite) and go to town. I decided to just relax and have some "me" time.  As I sat and relaxed the word "simplicity" came to me. So, wrote a poem about it.( Which was quite refreshing for me because I haven't had the inspiration to write a poem in a while) Just as I finished my poem, I had another thought--- Back to the Basics

Remember when " Reading, Writing and Arithmetic " were the basic subjects in school?

  • There was a time that I spent a good portion of my time reading.  I used to finish 700+ page books in a few days (Good 'ol V.C. Andrew novels).
  • I still have an insatiable urge to read and obtain knowledge. I am currently reading "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser and "Eat the Cookie buy the Shoe" by Joyce Meyers
  • Bible. Do I really have to say more? The instruction book on life and the answer to so many questions.
So, what does that mean? I can and should  spend more time reading and learning more about how to face challenges and mange stress.

  • There are times I gain insight on problems when I write them down. 
  • Writing a 'to-do' list also helps me not feel so overwhelmed with all of the things that I have going in life.
  • Writing has always been my number one way to express myself for as long as I can remember.
Simply, I should make writing a priority for me again. I should also make writing an achievable "to-do" list each day.


  • Too many items on my plate = Stress ;therefore, I should subtract some of the items to reduce the stress. :)
  • Smile more , frown less = happier days for me and those around me
Its simple, if something becomes too big or too heavy, subtract.

So going back to the basics for me, is spending more time doing things that I love. Not getting too caught up with things that won't matter in 5 months or 5 years from now and focusing more on the things that will matter in 5 months or 5 years.


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