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Wake up and smell the roses...

I am reading Henriette Anne Klauser's Write It Down, Make It Happen. Excellent book on the importance of writing down your goals and the importance of goal setting.  I am also a big fan of Showtime's new show The Big C. A show about a forty year old woman recently diagnosed with cancer, and rather than sulk in pity, she starts to live life. Both the show and the book have inspired me to challenge things in my own life.
As I was shopping in the grocery store, yesterday, I stopped and glanced at the floral section and  a vase of  calla lilies, my favorite, caught my eye. I started to admire the different varieties of flowers and literally stopped to smell the roses. I WANTED THEM!!   A saying that my late grandmother used to say immediately popped in my head.. "... buy me roses while I can still smell them." and just like that,  I had to the urge to buy the dozen rainbow roses I saw. But, then doubt started to overcome me.  I came up with every excuse as to why I SHOULD NOT BUY THEM... " no one buys roses for themselves..." , " it's no special occasion".. " they're just going to die anyway... " .. etc etc etc..
But, just as quickly as the thoughts came, God spoke to me and reminded me that everyday that I have breath and  living is a day to celebrate. I am someone special and I can show myself appreciation.  Rather than waiting on someone to have the urge to surprise me or show their appreciation for me.. I can award myself. What's wrong with that?! If you won't pamper or love yourself , who else on this earth will? You deserve it! So many people rely and wait on others to make you happy when you have the power over your own happiness.

Plus the roses were on sale, which I assume that if they weren't purchased that they would be thrown out. Why not enjoy the beauty that God made.. they were only $3.99!?

I absolutely love the feeling that I have waking up and falling asleep to the smell of fresh flowers. Its something that I will continue to do for myself. I will still have just as much appreciation for my husband when he  decides to surprise me with flowers or other gifts or any other person for that matter. But,  I will no longer hesitate to treat myself.

My Lovely Rainbow Roses... My camera didn't do them justice..

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