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10 Tips for Organizing or Reorganizing

I actually wrote this list earlier this year, but my bad case of procrastination and excuses prevented me from actually sharing this list.

I don't claim to be the most organized person,actually I am quite the opposite. However,in the midst of me organizing my home I narrowed down the reasons for my disorganization and brainstormed solutions/tips.

So here goes:

  1. Face reality
    • I realize that there are those that live in denial, myself included. Sometimes people just need to fess up and realize that there is a problem. Especially those that have lived in clutter for awhile now, who often times develop tunnel vision for their clutter. So take the time to just be 100% honest with yourself. Think about how and why the clutter exists.
  2. Think about what will work for YOU.
    • There is not point in reorganizing your home if it won't work for you. Find a method and system that works for you.
  3. Research and create a vision/inspiration board.
    • Google and check out organization magazines that display organization ideas. Cut out or print out ideas that appeal to you. Create an inspiration board and make shopping list if necessary. ( I love Ikea, Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond) Don't forget to look for great DIY alternatives and sales coupons.
  1. Make a plan. ( It isn't just about cleaning).
    • I've learned by experience that spending a whole day cleaning doesn't solve organization issues. If you don't make a maintenance plan, you run the risk of facing the same chaos a week or month later. Make a list; often times being able to check things off as you complete them makes you feel accomplished.
  2. Pick a starting point.
    • Preferably something that isn't too draining or strenuous. Starting with a small project may motivate you to continue when you get to the bigger projects. Like it is often quoted , the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Starting with a project that requires a lot of energy may zap your energy and motivation. Plus being able to  see the  physical progress of a small project will serve as an energy booster and motivator on tough days.
  3. Everything must have a place.
    • There shouldn't be a junk drawer . Make a designated place for EVERYTHING, if you are like me and a majority of your clutter consists of mail and other miscellaneous papers, create a filing and discarding process. Establish 1 designated place to sort and dispose of mail or other paperwork.
  4. Take your time and be patient with yourself.
    • Don't get frustrated or discouraged. Don't beat yourself up. Focus on the goal and not the past.
  5. Don't make excuses.
    • There is no valid excuse for procrastinating. Life happens and it is expected that there are various situations that may prevent you from organizing/cleaning but make yourself your priority. When your home is cluttered, your life can become cluttered.
  6. Execute
    • Although a good plan is necessary, make sure you execute. Don't overplan. Take action.
  7. Get help if you can.
    • Get help from family and/or friend if possible. There are also professional organizers that will help you with your journey.
All in all, the lack of organization and cleanliness affects your life on various levels. In my opinion it can have a domino affect. If your kitchen is cluttered you probably won't  have the energy or desire to cook, which causes you to eat fast food or take-out, which ultimately  affects your health and your wallet. You'll be surprised how much more smoother life will go with organization.
In future posts, I will post pics and projects that I complete as I strive to reach my goal of turning my house into a home, an organized home.

Thanks and be blessed until the next post!


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