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MWT 04-12-2011

MWT = My Waking Thoughts

I ocassionally share my waking thoughts via a post on Facebook, however, I am going to start blogging about those as well.

So as I woke up at 4:30 am,  Psalms 34:1 came to me.

"I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth."

I laid for a little while and recited this scripture over and over again in my heart. As I meditated I felt more and more joy and my spirit felt uplifted. I know that I should have obeyed and wrote about this when the scripture came to me at 4:30, but I went back to sleep.

I feel as though God sent this scripture to me because I was in a real "funk" yesterday. And as I  thought about what the scripture means to me , I focused on the word praise and what it truly means. I was in a funk yesterday because I was feeling resentful about the fact that I didn't  feel that I was being appreciated enough. I wanted praise and recognition for the hard work for that I do each day at work and home.  
I know that I shouldn't look for praise and appreciation from others, and that everything that I do should be done with love and joy and not for the  recognition. Wordly recognition won't matter when my eternal works are being judged.  But the funk wouldn't leave so I allowed myself to have a 15 minute pity party. My fifteen minute pity party turned into an entire day unfortunately. But, I did pray several times about the feelings that I felt.

So when I woke up with Psalms 34:1 in my mind, I realized a few things. That God deserves so much more praise for His works on a day to day basis, yet there are those that don't give Him the praise that he's due.  God deserves our praise every second of every minute of every day. He is truly amazing. But yet, when we don't take the time to give him his "props" or praise, He isn't resentful or angry with us in fact he is quite the opposite He loves us anyway. He shows us favor anyway. So why should I be angry or resentful? Instead I should be filled with joy and smile anyway. It doesn't matter if I get recognition from other people, as long as I doing what I should be to please God, my recognition will come soon enough.

Smile and be blessed!


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