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My recipes

Hi folks! I know that I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on posting the rest of my recipes for dinner on a budget challenge. My apologies, but they are coming. This week I will be posting my recipes for  chicken parmesan and chicken pot pie. Yummy! I had to pat myself on the back for the chicken parmesan, it was delish! I was so proud. :) I can't wait to share. Now speaking of sharing, I wanted to give you all a little insight to my recipes.
  1. Nothing is written down, and it is challenging to write every measurement down. So, there are times when exact measurement aren't provided so please bear with me. I will get better and re-post those recipes.
  2. I believe in seasoning my food so that you don't have to salt or pepper your food when you get it. In fact, there was a time when adding salt and pepper to the food I've prepared offended me. I like to be able to eat my food with out adding anything other than the typical condiments like ketchup, mustard or barbecue sauce. Another rule of thumb that I use when I cook is season once and taste twice, then add seasoning as needed. In my book, you can't subtract salt once you've added it,but you can add it if you need more. So I said all of that to say, when I say season to taste it literally means season to your taste. However, I will start to add a "standard rule of thumb" measurements for seasonings for those who like exact measurements.
  3. I don't cook with onions. My husband is allergic, so I use garlic and other herbs and spices to season.
More tips to come soon.

So what did I have tonight?
Here's a pic ( still using crappy cell phone camera)
Bean and cheese tacos!!
Bean and cheese tacos! YUM! I just wasn't feeling "meaty" tonight, so I made this quick and simple meal.
Here's the quick and easy recipe.

Here are the ingredients that you'll need:

Can of refried beans
cheese ( to taste) :)
Can of rotel tomatoes (you can substitute fresh tomatoes as well)
flour tortillas ( the Kroger by my house has a bakery that makes fresh tortillas Mmmm!)
package of Spanish rice (any brand)

Here are the directions to make the tacos:
  1. Heat the refried beans. I seasoned mine with a little garlic salt.
  2. Prepare the rice according to the package instructions.
  3. Warm the tortilla(if preferred) and layer a heaping spoonful of beans, spoonful of rice, rotel and garnish with cheese
  4. Enjoy, you won't even miss the meat. :)
Well until next time be blessed and make it a great one!


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