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Recipe #2 04-12-2011

Ok folks, here is my second recipe of my series of recipes for this week.
Last night we had BBQ Chicken Sandwiches w/ Baked Potatoes. I am keeping the recipes short and simple this week, in the future I will add more challenging recipes.

This recipes is rated EASY SMEASY... :)

** Quick tip, I prepared the chicken on Sunday. I knew that this would be a hectic week and I wanted a head start on dinner for this week. I actually used the same chicken for our meal for tonight.
Here are the ingredients that you'll need:

  • 2 chicken breasts  -boneless and skinless
  • bbq sauce ( I used a mixture of Sweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle, and Brown Sugar, I used about 1/2 a bottle)
  • hamburger buns
Cooking Instructions

BBQ Chicken

  • Rinse chicken well
  • Fill pot with at least 3/4 full with water. Make sure you have enough water to allow the chicken to cook thoroughly.
  • Add apx 1 tsp of salt and place chicken in water to boil slowly on med  to med-high heat. When cooked thoroughly remove chicken from pot to cool. ( If you are cooking in advance, allow chicken to cool and place in refrigerator if you are using within 2 days or freezer if you'll be using it later)
  • Once chicken has cooled shred the chicken and place it in a pot.
  • Add your favorite barbecue sauce until the chicken is covered.
  • Baked Potatoes
    1. Poke holes in 2 baking potatoes. Wrap the potatoes in foil and bake at 400 degrees until done. (Potatoes should be soft to touch)
    2. Top baked potato with butter cheese
    Here is the breakdown of the cost of the meal:
  • Chicken $1.67 ( purchased a pkg of chicken breast for $6, only used 2 of the 5, so I figure that each breast was about 0.83 each)
  • Buns free (I had them on hand, but you can purchase them for about 1 -2 free)
  • Bbq Sauce free (same as the bread)
  • Potatoes free (given to me by my grandmother in law) :) SCORE!!
  • Cheese and other condiments - (already on hand)
This meal cost me less than $2 , but if you had to purchase all of the items on this list I would estimate that you could spend $8 - $10 on this meal.

Here is the final product: YUM!!

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