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Be Gentle...

Be gentle, free, honest, and forgiving of yourself.
Do not handle yourself so rough.
Don't say harsh things to or about yourself.
Monitor your thoughts, guard your mind and your tongue.
Think about this , when you hear God speak to your heart, is it ever loud and harsh?
Think about what it would be like to be in Jesus' presence. Be in that presence always, because He is always with you. Love your self enough to be gentle.
Be free.
You define you, don't let others opinions do it for you. For you'll never know you. Get to know your heart, allow it to be open to Him. Because He knows and knew you better and before anyone did. Seek things that delight and give you joy all in His name. Love yourself enough to free yourself.
Tell the truth. If it isn't right in your heart, don't ignore or be little it. Be honest. Don't allow the lies of others become the truth for you. Be honest with others, lies always hurt more than the truth ever will. Love enough to tell the truth.
Forgive yourself. He already did. Don't be so hard on yourself. Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself. Free yourself from the lack of forgiveness of yourself and others. Be honest to know when you haven't forgiven.

All those things contribute to one thing love. The Bible instructs us to love ourselves and one another. And Jesus was given to us to demonstrate love. Remember be gentle, free, honest, and forgiving.