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Ahh.. the baby weight

I am about 4 months postpartum, and its time for me to get serious about getting back in shape.

The good  is that I only gained about roughly about 25 pounds total during my entire pregnancy.    I lost all of the weight that I gained during my pregnancy by 3 or 4 weeks postpartum. Breastfeeding works wonders for your body! The bad is that my entire body composition has changed. Because I was inactive for so long because of bed rest and modified bed rest throughout my pregnancy, I lost a lot of my muscle mass. I am a little smaller than I was pre-pregnancy, but I am carrying more body fat.   The really ugly is that I've since put on 5 pounds since I've returned back to work about 2 months ago. I have also picked up a nasty sugar habit. I snack on cookies, candies and even sodas more often. Horrible! My water consumption is down and I definitely don't eat all of the recommended veggies that I should. I eat waaaaay too much fast food and my overall diet is out of whack! Which is why I believe that the pounds are creeping back on me despite the fact that I continue to breastfed. (BOOOO!)  I must admit that I felt as though that breastfeeding gave me the right and the freedom to indulge all that I wanted. ( I know.. I was living in a fantasy).
Now, that the scale has brought me back to reality ( and the fact that my pre-pregnancy clothes that were TOO BIG a few months ago are now starting to fit) made me realize that its time to change.

So what is my goal? My goal is to lose 45, ideally 55 pounds. Truth be told, I was in the process of losing weight that I had put on over the years when I got pregnant. I was 5 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight before I returned to work. However, I believe the stress of having to return to work at eight weeks postpartum and being away from my daughter caused me to stress and stress eat. I also believe that the lack of sleep makes me crave sweets as a pick me up and a comforter. I will admit that I have poor eating habits and I use sweets and other processed food as stress reliever. I recognize that I have to limit stop eating  processed food, fast food and the sweets. I also recognize that I have to get active and work out again. I know that I can't become the gym rat that I once was, but I have to make the time to spend 1/2 hour to an hour a few times a week to get back in shape. ( Minus the guilt of being away from my daughter)

I know that change does not happen overnight, but my plan is to take it day by day. I will start planning my meals for my family each week and I will schedule time for me to work out. I will work to break the habit of me going to sugar to deal with my stress and emotions and find another way to cope.

I won't calorie count or go on a fad diet, I plan to make a lifestyle change.

I plan to update my progress each week.

Tomorrow is day 1! :)  .......... I've already eaten a handful of cookies today :/