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Diapers : A stinky situation.

I never put too much thought into diapers while I was pregnant. I did do some research on cloth diaper options a few times, but with so much information out there about cloth coupled with me being so indecisive, by the time my daughter arrived I still hadn't made up my mind. I went with what I thought was the next best option , any disposable diaper with "Sensitive" or "Free" on the label. I even swore that I loved the brand that the hospital used and sent me home with. But, that "love" turned sour when I bought my first package of the same diaper on my own and got a whiff of the heavy perfume smell. Seriously the smell gave me headache. I can only imagine what it did to my daughter's nose, lungs and body. ( I know it sounds dramatic). And a part of me felt I was being overly dramatic, so I kept my concerns to myself and silent and decided to do my best to allow the perfume smell to air out before I used the diapers, after all the diapers are concentrated in one tight package , the smell would be overwhelming right?

There was a time that I ran out of the diapers that I was in "love" with and I used a diaper from the stash that I received from our shower. I was immediately turned off by how thin and "papery" they were and I was concerned about the gritty feeling when I pressed down on the seat if the diaper. 

My mommy instinct told me something was just not right about either situation. And 5 months later and couple of google searches later, instinct was right. 

I was certain that when my daughter was born that I would moisturize and bathe her in all of the products that were marketed for babies and made me think of that sweet smell of baby when I walked down the aisle. 

That all changed when my daughter arrived, I loved her smell sans all of the perfumed lotions. After my experience  with the overly scented diapers, I questioned the smell of everything I put on her. I hated everything with an overpowering scent. Everything. 

The fact that my daughter developed eczema, cradle cap and was diagnosed with extremely sensitive skin at her six week appointment made me more aware and picky about what products I used on her. 

Some reading this may be just as confused and may have a hard time swallowing the same harsh reality that I did, all baby products are not created equal and not always created with baby in mind. How could they be?  Even products marketed toward sensitive skinned and babies with eczema. The tear free formulas are a joke. ( Google it)  

Think about it, why would a baby "need" to have so many fragrances and unpronounceable  chemicals slathered all over their bodies. ( I encourage you to do your research) 

Back to diapers, I decided to go with my gut instinct that I had when I was pregnant. Cloth.   I did more research about them and I leaned towards the Charlie Banana. ( I drooled over them every time I went to Target) 

I happily switched over to the cloth world. I began with Charlie Banana.
Woo Hoo! No more harsh chemicals and fragrances! I rejoiced. My daughter wore a disposable during the day and cloth at night( I was working full time by this time). 

Everything was great until she developed a horrible rash. She had never had a rash. Was it from my cloth diapers? Was it from the disposables? My pediatrician only advised me to make sure I change her more frequently and not let her sit in soiled diapers too long. ( really? ) I followed their advice ( I went to get a second opinion after the rash did not heal). I stopped using cloth , went back to disposables and slathered several perfumed diaper rash and barrier creams.  This went on a few frustrating weeks. Then my mom confirmed a hunch that I had before, maybe my daughter had a yeast rash. I began to research and decided to treat her for a yeast rash( after running by the doctor of course). 

This week was the first week the redness and irritation has improved. Thank God. 

So what's the conclusion? Do I hate cloth diapers? No. Have I used them lately? No. Will I use them again? Hopefully, when I do my research and can validate that the possible yeast lurking on the diapers is treated. Lesson learned in this situation is that I needed to educate myself on the proper washing and disinfecting methods. I followed the proper technique , but perhaps not the right products. ( I am still learning) 

Unfortunately, I have to stick to disposable diapers and up until a few google searches ago, I was happy with the Seventh Generation brand. 

I wrote this post to air my frustration about being able to find a diaper without so many toxins. VOCs, SAP and dioxins, it's all too much. And it's all pretty frustrating. 

Some skeptics may feel I am too picky and too "crunchy" and may wonder why and I see diaper companies and the manufacturers as evil mad scientist that conduct experiments on our precious miracles that we call our beloved children. But consider the truth about the food industry and fast food. It is widely accepted and legal in America. 

It's a disgusting how we are used as experiments, but I digress. 

I can't solve the ethical issues in the world at this point. I just simply need a diaper that I feel comfortable putting on my daughter. 

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