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Monday Motivation

Its often that we hear, "aggh, its Monday".. or something similar. Most often people dread Mondays because it is the start of new work and/or school week.
Its easy to get wrapped up into negativity and its even easier to attract negativity. Negative attract negative. The "negative Nancy" at work. The spilled coffee on your shirt.

Heart of the home

I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is  the place where family and friends gather to celebrate, the place where meals are prepared and honestly affects every aspect of your day. If you eat good food and food that is good for you, you FEEL good.

The more whole and clean foods you eat the better your body functions. 

Cake Cake Cake

Last weekend I was in the mood to try some new things. Recipes. Late on Friday night I had a craving for chocolate cake. It was too cold and I was too lazy to go somewhere to buy a cake. So, I decided to try a cake in a mug recipe.

There were tons of youtube videos, blogs and websites with recipes to try. I wanted something simple and quick so I went with this one.