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Cake Cake Cake

Last weekend I was in the mood to try some new things. Recipes. Late on Friday night I had a craving for chocolate cake. It was too cold and I was too lazy to go somewhere to buy a cake. So, I decided to try a cake in a mug recipe.

There were tons of youtube videos, blogs and websites with recipes to try. I wanted something simple and quick so I went with this one.

Here are the results ...

Honestly, it did not look all that great when I took it out of the microwave. But, for something that was "baked" in less than 2 minutes, I wasn't expecting too much. As far as taste, it was ok. It had a spongy texture and it satisfied my craving for chocolate cake (temporarily). I topped it with some Blue Bell vanilla ice-cream and devoured 1/2 of the cake in the mug. My baby girl enjoyed it as well.

I woke up again on Saturday with cake on my mind again. It could have been due to the fact that I turned on the Food Network and saw a recipe for molten lava cake. 
I went to YouTube looking for a recipe and got sucked in the YouTube web of videos and came across a video with a recipe that I wanted to try. 

I gathered my supplies and started to bake. The recipe was simple and easy to follow. And I was truly blown away by the results. I was proud of myself because I am not a baker and I was able to pull off a chocolate cake from scratch annnnnd the chocolate buttercream icing. 

Here is the video of the recipe that I followed! 

And here are the results ..

This picture did not do this cake justice! I am definitely not a cake decorator either. But, this cake came out soooo good and moist. It was just enough chocolate and it went perfect with ice-cream and/ or tall glass of milk.  I did substitute the dark chocolate powder for milk chocolate;  I am not a big fan of dark chocolate and I had milk chocolate on hand. I encourage each and everyone to go out and try the recipe and be sure to give her video thumbs up.

I am a fan and subscriber to her channel and I will definitely try more recipes in the future. 

Well until the next post folks, be blessed! And seriously go and try this recipe! 


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