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Monday Motivation

Its often that we hear, "aggh, its Monday".. or something similar. Most often people dread Mondays because it is the start of new work and/or school week.
Its easy to get wrapped up into negativity and its even easier to attract negativity. Negative attract negative. The "negative Nancy" at work. The spilled coffee on your shirt.

I challenge you to change your thoughts in the morning to something positive.

I am not claiming to be perfect and that all of my waking thoughts are positive.

But, there are mornings where I say/ think things like

" I thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning"

" Thank you Lord for my family and the roof over my head"

" Thank you for allowing me to have the mind to serve you" 

"Help me Lord... " 

I also try to remember to show gratitude throughout the day and my last moments at night.

I challenge you to spend the rest of this week thinking and being positive. Show gratitude for all the things, even the small things.


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