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I love to write, inspire and encourage others. I set out to start this blog to do just that in 2009. I didn't have an exact goal in mind when I clicked the publish button on my first blog post, but I just knew that I had an innate desire to share. I wanted to share all of the aspects of my journey of life and if I could connect, inspire or encourage others along the way, that would be awesome!
But, as I continued to share my thoughts, I noticed that others actually read my blog (Imagine that). I became more self-aware and I grew more uncomfortable with the amount of vulnerability and transparency that comes from blogging and sharing my thoughts. I've been a writer for as long as I could remember, but up until that point, only close friends and family were the only audience that had privy to my random musings. 
I even started to peek over my shoulder a bit and noticed other blogs and bloggers and immediately started to compare myself. I felt like my content was as unique as what they created, I envied their clever layouts and pictures and overall I just felt that the fact that they had so many more followers meant that their content was better than mine. 
So naturally, I hesitated more and about clicking the publish button and I allowed the drafts to linger infinitely in my post queue. I came up with a thousand excuses as to why I needed to wait to create content. It didn't matter how many times I re-designed or tried to freshen up my blog's appearance; I was still insatiable and the excuses continued to arise. 
Realizing that everyone has to start or re-start somewhere, I decided to toss my excuses and just re-dedicate my time to my blog.  Similar to my renewed fitness journey, I figure that it is time to start to make the small steps that will eventual lead to grand leaps to get my blog to where I want it to be. 
My wish is to bring you along with me as I am challenging myself to re-dedicate myself to so many in life. I am on my journey to get strengthen my relationship with God and get better mentally, and physically; and you will see more fitness, faith, inspirational posts and tons of family updates. 
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